Alison Smith

Welcome to my site! Let me introduce myself. This all started with encouragement from my husband. We have been married for 18 years and make a great team. We have been blessed by God in an abundance I can't even explain. One of which is our 6 fantastic children. I would consider them to be our greatest accomplishment. We live a simple country life much of which is spent with our family, our church family, at the baseball field and soccer field.  It can be crazy busy and a little stressful, but I couldn't imagine it any other way!


I have been playing around with the idea of being a photographer for a few years now and I am ready to take the plunge. The passion started when the children were small. I wanted to be able to take good pictures of them myself. I have been researching all I can and prodding extremely helpful photographers along the way. There's a host of knowledge out there and I learn something new every day.


Take a look around my site. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to send me a message. I will respond as promptly as I can. Thanks so much for stopping by! I look forward to hearing from you!